Our Mission

Our mission here at Beyond Beauty Organics is simple - to promote clean and conscious living.

Clean living means honouring the health of our selves and our world by making the choice to use only clean, natural, organic ingredients in our products. Conscious living means being aware of how the ingredients and packaging we use affect the health of our bodies and how they impact the environment. A clean and conscious lifestyle respects the natural processes that make our world beyond beautiful.

From the moment we are born, we are unfortunately exposed to so many potential toxic threats that are in thousands of products. It is up to us to protect our children from harm; as soon as I found out that my daughter was pregnant, I was instantly inspired to create an organic baby line. Babies come into this world 100% pure, and we ought to try our best to keep them that way! If we make the choice to teach our children about clean and conscious living, the fate of Mother Earth will be in much wiser, healthier hands for future generations.

Lisa Leaman

Owner and Founder