Frequently Asked Questions


What methods of payment does KIN Organics accept for online purchases?

We happily accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and PayPal.


How do I open a wholesale account with KIN Organics?

Whether you are a real live establishment (brick and mortar stores and/or spas) or an online store, we are more than happy to partner with you -- so long as you share our values of healthy clean living, ethics, and the environment. If you are interested in opening a wholesale account, please click here to fill out our application form.  


What makes KIN Organics eco-friendly?

We are aware of how consumer packaging is responsible for a huge negative impact on the environment. This is why we continually source ingredients and packaging only from companies that practice certain principles including high standards of purity, efficacy, and sustainability. Given our resources, we work with the following eco-friendly standards:

  • Recyclable glass bottles and containers are our first choice for packaging because glass has much less impact on the environment compared to plastic.
  • When glass is not available for certain products (i.e. lip balms), we use only PET plastic that you can reuse and/or recycle yourself.
  • All products are made, poured, and labelled by hand.
  • Keep it simple - we sacrifice any extra and unnecessary packaging.
  • Recycled or biodegradable shipping materials - sometimes we will even reuse shipping materials that we receive from our suppliers because if it still works, why not?
  • Minimum waste philosophy - you should practice this too! We suggest that you recycle or reuse all product and packaging materials, including shipping materials.


What is the shelf life of KIN Organics skincare products?

Since we have opted to exclude artificial and synthetic preservatives in support of a healthy and clean lifestyle, our products won't do well if they are stuck on your shelf for years to come. Use it or lose it!

Many of our products are made with naturally stable oils, waxes, and butters that have a shelf life of one year or longer. We recommend that you use these products within 12 months of purchase to ensure freshness and effectiveness of the key ingredients. This is just a general guideline - use your best judgment. If the product has an unusual odour or appearance in less time, discontinue use.

For products that contain floral waters, we also include natural preservatives such as Vitamin E and Rosemary Oil extract that are excellent anti-oxidants and can help prevent degradation of the product. Essential oils also offer anti-microbial, antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties, not to mention wonderful benefits for the skin. We prefer these natural forms of preservation over the nasty chemical stuff.

You can maximize shelf life by storing your products in a cool, dark place that is out of direct sunlight or heat - no hot cars or gym/diaper bags. Also, avoid contamination by always using clean hands or a little scoop to get the product out from jars. 

What kind of products does KIN Organics offer?

KIN Organics offers skincare products for the whole family. We carry three lines - Baby, Mama, and Adult - but all of our products are very multifunctional. Many of them can be used in several different ways and are safe for all ages and skin types, including those with sensitive skin or allergies.

We also offer an incredibly effective all natural Eczema Solution for those who want to avoid the use of steroids. We recommend a 3-step system comprised of our Baby Tub Tea, Baby Balm, and our best-selling Healing Balm. Made of organic blends with anti-inflammatory properties, these products are specifically formulated to cleanse, soothe, calm and moisturize skin while reducing symptoms like redness, itchiness and irritation.

As the KIN Organics family continues to grow, so does our product line. We are always thinking of new ways to promote a clean lifestyle and environment, so we will continue to create new products in the future. 

Why aren't all of your ingredients organic?

Some ingredients simply do not exist in organic form, while others are simply not available as certified organic. These plant ingredients that we use are not cultivated - they grow in the wild and are harvested with respect for sustainability and the integrity of the plant population. You will see these ingredients listed as "wild-harvested."

Other than that, KIN Organics carefully selects the highest quality certified organic ingredients from various suppliers. And we can prove it - we have copies of organic certification for all ingredients from our suppliers.

Do you use parabens, SLS, phalates, or any synthetic preservatives or ingredients such as dyes, colours, or fragrances?

No. We are very passionate about using only natural ingredients. KIN Organics thinks Mother Nature did a great job in providing us with beautiful ingredients right from the earth, so we don't need to use any of that other stuff. Our choice to eliminate the use of synthetic or artificial ingredients is imperative for keeping our products simple, pure, clean, and healthy for our bodies and our world. 

Please click here to learn more about the benefits of the ingredients we choose to use, and also click here to learn more about the harmful effects of synthetic ingredients that we refuse to use.

Where are your products manufactured?

We are proud to be 100% Canadian. All products are created, blended, bottled, labelled, and packaged by hand in a beautiful little workshop located in Alliston, a lovely small town just north of Toronto, Ontario.

Do you take suggestions for products?

Absolutely! We always love to hear about products that would be of interest to you. Please email us with any ideas or suggestions you may have.