Why I decided to rebrand

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As I entered a new phase in my life, on a new path with a new direction, I knew that I would have to leave behind the old in order to move forward. I essentially needed to start over in all aspects of my life, including my business. 

I decided to take this new start as an opportunity to re-imagine my company. I wanted to create a fresh new feel to better capture my inspiration and goals. I know that with change comes growth, so my hope is that with all the changes I’m making, I will grow both personally and professionally.

It started with the name. The name had to be just right.

I wanted simple, yet strong. I wanted to make a statement, but in just one word. What word could encapsulate all I was doing? What word encompasses my inspiration, motivation, purpose?


My family is by far my biggest inspiration. My three daughters motivate me every day. Their strength and fierce confidence encourage me to tackle life and its adversities with courage, faith, positivity and love. And my grandson…he gives me purpose. Watching him learn and grow just makes my heart smile.

As a mother and grandmother, I have an innate desire to provide nourishment and protection—this is a driving force in all of my creations. Each one of my products is meant to nourish the skin in a healthy natural way, to protect from synthetics and other harmful ingredients.

From this came the inspiration for the logo—the tree.

The tree represents a few things. It represents our Mother Earth, the source of all the beautiful ingredients I choose to use. It represents our roots. It represents grounding. It represents growth. It represents strength. It represents regeneration.

The image is meant to symbolize myself and my closest kin—three branches for my daughters, and a smaller branch for my grandson. It is my own family tree.

Each branch plays an integral role in my business, which I can proudly say is entirely family-owned and operated. My goal is to create a successful business in order to support my family. I want to continue to grow the company, with my girls, and other like-minded individuals…to grow our family.

I want other families to be able to nourish and protect their own kin by making healthy, conscious choices. I want others to adopt these values and pass them on to future generations in hopes of preserving our planet. I want to inspire others as my family has inspired me—to tackle life and its adversities with courage, faith, positivity, and love. Because without family, what do we have?